Currently in Austin, Texas
Graduate Student Teaching Intensive, The University of Western Michigan, 2017
- Assessed teaching practices, refined teaching and learning approaches, and improved communication for diverse learners. 
- Learned effective classroom management and instruction, foundations of teaching, and methods for student assessment and evaluation.
University of Cincinnati: School of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, 2013
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Certificate of Creative Writing Focus in Silkscreen Printmaking
Relevant Coursework: Creative Writing: Fiction, American Writers, Advanced Creative Writing: Fiction, Forms in Fiction, Film Noir, Contemporary American Fiction, Topics in Fiction: The Works of Herman Melville, Senior Fiction Capstone, Independent Study: The Appearance of Sexuality in Children’s Literature, Special Studio: Graphic Novels.

Work Experience:
Art Editor, Cauldron Anthology, 2019
- Responsible for the evaluation and final selection of visual art submissions for each issue.
- Created layouts and final publication proof for the 2019 issues of Cauldron Anthology in Adobe InDesign.
Production Manager, Nightingale & Sparrow, 2019
- Performed updates to website for new issue releases, creating layouts for all poetry, prose and photography to be posted. 
- Worked alongside the EIC to proof final revisions of poetry and fiction submissions for digital and printed publications.
Fiction Reader, Brave Voices Magazine, 2019
- Responsible for evaluation of fiction submissions and sharing my opinions with the lead editor.
- Contributed to a literary environment and submitted votes for final selects for print issues. 
Food and Beverage Executive Assistant, Westminster Manor, 2018
- Developed and facilitated safety and health awareness courses for non-English speaking learners to insure proper compliance with state and local workplace guidelines. 
- Designed and Re-branded the Food and Beverage Department with a more modern image incorporating functional design for resident menus and comment cards.
Thesis Studio Assistant, The University of Cincinnati, 2013
- Edited student thesis papers and artist statements for section 002, approximately 25 students. 
- Organized group critique of student artwork that would later be displayed in DAAP Works. 

Curatorial and Social Media Intern, Phyllis Weston Fine Art, 2012
- Composed press releases for upcoming gallery events.
- Organized artist information into cohesive artist biographies for display.
Fotofocus Studio Intern, Prairie Gallery, 2012
- Assisted with instruction of principles of art and photography including hands on demonstrations at Lighthouse Community School with David Rosenthal.
- Developed film from each demonstration using traditional darkroom techniques; pieces were later displayed in the Fotofocus exhibit at Prairie Gallery.

Contributions & Publications:
Contributing Writer
Royal Rose Literary Magazine, 2019.
Palm Sized Press, 2018. 
Into the Gloaming Hours, Palm Sized Press, 2019. 
Gone, Drabblez Magazine, 2019.  
Father’s Day, Palm Sized Press, 2017.​​​​​​​
Sinking, Marías at Sampaguitas, 2019
Asymmetry, Ravens in the Attic, 2019
Mother, Royal Rose Literary Magazine, 2019.
The Emperor Reversed, The Wellington Street Review, 2019.
Stalemate, Royal Rose Literary Magazine, 2019.
What Remains, Royal Rose Literary Magazine, 2019.
After You, Cauldron Anthology, 2019.

Group Exhibitions:
DAAP Works, 2013
“Dry Run”, 2013
50/50 Art Show, 2013
Senior Printmaking Showcase, 2013
“In respect of education and its lack to such an experience as this”, 2013
“Fibers”, 2013
Essex Art Show, 2012

Affiliations and Service:
Westminster Alzheimer’s Texas Fundraising Committee, 2018
Women Writing for (a) Change, 2017
Palm Sized Press, Contributing Writer, 2016
American Alliance of Museums, 2016
Cincinnati Art Museum Volunteer, 2016
Animal Adoption Foundation+Target Team Volunteers Leader, 2016
Target+United Way Charitable Service Leader, 2015 
DAAP Works Student Council Committee, 2012  – 2013 
Creative Writer’s Guild, Treasurer,  2011 – 2013
Undergraduate English Society, 2010 – 2013